The words of Lilly falls Beautifully unfinished

There is always a Once upon a time, we all take a trip down memory lane from time to time or on a never ending looped cycle.  This page is for my present a diary, journal, written record so to speak within personal limits I’m comfortable with, which will become the past, another lesson learnt or still needing taught.

I have seen with my own eyes that people can relate too vast and varied things, in many uniquely dynamic but similar ways through different methods of communication, alongside those who genuinely just want to help in any way they are capable, and able to.

This has brought to life the natural side to this website, my words stripped back bare not drafted and brought together over mass amounts of timely endless and unfinished research. A true blogger where this is my online personal reflection of my own experiences, observations and opinions.

A place I hope to put into words the process where one sheds the leaves, making room for growth, eventually flourishing and blossoming. My ideology in this new project is by manipulating the current metaphor I seem to be stuck in, literally speaking…..

‘One step forward, two steps back.’

Changing my approach and current way of thinking, to a new metaphorical process of

‘Two steps forward, one step back.’

From this angled perspective, I hope to see things in a different light when looking at me, myself and I.  By focusing on my present and my future as my first two steps, taking only one step back dipping into my past. This is my present where I shift my compass off the label and I repair the damage relatable to my psychological health.

I will title and date each one starting from the beginning, the most recent will be at the bottom.

These words are from a girl born in autumn also called the falls by some, the season where the natural becomes a blaze of colour, whose favourite flower is a Lilly, thus creating the platform and Category title for this group of writings

The words of Lilly Falls……. beautifully unfinished

  1. Wednesday 15th August 2018, the birth of Lilly Fall
  2. Thursday 16th August 2018, evolution reaching a pinnacle moment
  3. Sunday 19th August 2018; Looking at heaven living through hell
  4. Thursday 23rd August 2018, never forget the old discovering the new
  5. Saturday 25th August 2018; stripping my language back to basics
  6. Saturday 1st September 2018; Splitting hairs between emotions and feelings
  7. Saturday 8th September 2018; What do you do when no one knows what is wrong with you, 3 years later????
  8. Tuesday 11th September 2018; Esteem and confidence, looking at the brighter side of life
  9. Saturday 15th September 2018; The little things adding up
  10. Wednesday 19th September 2018; At the end of the day we all like to feel somewhere we belong
  11. Sunday 23rd September 2018; taking the lid off words to my action man, long overdue
  12. Friday 27th Septemeber 2018; Time to begin looking into how one goes about taking self-care?
  13. Sunday 30th September 2018; Antipsychotics and psychology

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