Thursday 23rd August 2018, never forget the old discovering the new

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We are always looking for new ways to do things, even in times when it is not necessary, especially when we do not understand it.  I never forget the old when I discover something new, it is how I decide my next steps.

I am beginning to understand what I once upon a time thought wasn’t possible, for someone like me in to many ways, that I have not learnt yet how to communicate.  The reasons are many but I have either forgotten, never or yet to be taught, how to put it, express it or explain it in a language, that is understandable, insightful and useful, seems to be my consistently persistent challenge

I’m a reader, used to created stories because they weren’t real….. Easier or so I had deluded myself to believe, just helped me escape my reality by living in someone else’s fantasies. I haven’t really been able to complete a book for some time, almost worse than losing access to being able to write in 2016.  

I have had to become hyper focused on untangling and fixing certain areas and aspects relating to my own life. 

I am also a writer, someone who has used it to help myself my entire life from the moment I knew how.  Sometimes I am unable to catch a single word to bring to life through pen and paper, typewriter or digitally, pictures emerge instead somewhat clusters where my hand flows turning doodles into understanding, visually.

Now I find myself sharing these words because I could not ignore the fact that there are far to many people out there suffering, unaware there is help there and not possibly in the conventional way.  I am currently being helped by a system where there most required resource is become obsolete, time scales stretched to impossibly frustrating and disabling lengths.

As I follow a new trail but never forgetting the old, I learn through intelligently intuitive insights with so much intellect, from experiences that cause the chemical balances in my body to produce complex levels, that my body rejects because they can cause them to spiral.

To put that in another way, someone reminded me that hopes, dreams and change can happen in the most fascinatingly unexplainable but necessary ways, whether you let it or not.  How you prepare, manage or control it is another journey I am only just coming to grips with, comparing old with new and finding the middle with the right people by my side

Recently I have had to do this in many areas in my life where decisions have, and have had to be made.  There is one in particular that has caused many a frustration but the deadlines fast approaching, and my scales have dipped to extremes both negatively and positively, but their balancing more acutely, with what I plan on studying.

I have decided accountancy and writing because they are both equally relevant, combining the two.  Sounds way better than forgetting all about everything I have tried to study for, the path I have worked towards over coming many an obstacle, for a few years now.

I am still learning how to juggle myself, family and life in general just like every human-being, going through a decluttering, organising and sorting of phase just now, in every way I am currently able.

I have learnt peoples experiences, the steps they have taken, and the outcomes that have happened, can exhaust, humble and ground simultaneously in the most peculiar of ways.  My verbal is not the best consistently, but I can try and help through writing and other projects, that I have begun undertaking because silence is not doing anyone any favours, at times.

For me change is evolutionarily unavoidable allowing me to come to the decision, I will not be studying psychology or science academically at the moment, because the change would be to big to manage, predict or control.

Another reason is because once upon a time I picked what I have chose to study for many a reason, more so because in high school I had only a few lessons in many subjects but business, the least.  Change is needed but I’m not going to solely focus on business or writing, I will combine them alongside psychology and science, but in a different way.

I used to read novels obsessively, I changed that….. words in many ways I could relate to because personally they are relevantly linkable and relatable to my present, past and future

Sometimes we can all think in the wrong frame of mind requiring slight alterations, to get it in the right frame.  For myself I am now back in my right mind, just the wrong frame, requiring careful manipulative moves altering the course, ever so slightly for my internal compass, but I will get there.

I am not a therapist, degree holder or someone that claims to know all.  I do study with the open university have for many years, read countless amounts of words, and have heard many a story.  I am a patient of the NHS, a mentally challenged one that you would never consider, if you allow your eyes to be deceived.

Out of the 3 gender categories at birth which are Female, Male and intersex, my gender is female and I have had 30 years, soon to be 31 in October.   Had no say in the gender, neither did my mum she only had the X chromosome. It was actually my dad who decided, when the strongest won.

Myself and my partner now have a number of days before our daughter turns 10 and we couldn’t be prouder.  Our son is a handful mind you but an amazing character who is just a wee pre-schooler.

So, I am a mother of 2, in a long-term relationship, who happens to be the very broad but required label female, who is a patient trying to understand and survive, similar but different things to yourself.

I seem to verbally communicate snippets, clues or questions as I hungrily search for more understanding, knowledge for my own personal growth, my families and others.  This is what guides and keeps me steering, on whatever course my life decides, chooses or wants.

The natural Empathiser used to be a solo journey or so I thought, it never really has been.  Yes I have created a website and begun communicating written and verbally, in many new and old ways.  If it wasn’t for the people who I have met, that I read or hear about, I wouldn’t be here today writing these words, life has a mysterious way of balancing itself out.

For more insight, understanding or for whatever reason brought you to my word in the first place, visit

If you are suffering and form of self hatred, anxiety or depression you might benefit from reading A trio for self destruction: self-hatred, anxiety, and depression, as someone who has been there and can relate, this is what I have discovered through my way of thinking, and something I once thought but now understand…….. your not alone.

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Facebook Group and page: Natural Empathiser and Natural Empathisers

Source of writing

To truly understand you have to delve deeper, accept this invitation to walk with me for a moment into so many contradicting, confusingly frustrating answers, questions and revelations.  Maybe together mysteries or already answered puzzles can be solved or connected. (Human Rubik cube’s)

We are all moulded to fit certain expectations but what happens when you force yourself, or are forced to fit into rigid structures? Does it create depression and anxiety? Are social pressures becoming more intense or are we becoming a permanent fixtured reality tv show like big brother where privacy is outdated? As myself, yourself, and others open their books, allowing insight into their stories, I hope to broaden my understandings and hopefully find answers, where there once appeared to be, none. (turning my ignorance to awareness)

When ones mental health and wellbeing are skewed, it seems like common sense to have issues with your personality. I’m newly diagnosed as an adult and untreated for 30 years, and I don’t mean medicated.  This has created many a psychological disorder over the years, creating lots of confusion to whether or not I am Autistic.

I believe through time, research and help from those able, one day I will get a definitive answer to whether I am only ADHD, Autistic or both.  All my days people, society, and systems have told me in many a varied way, that I am different and don’t fit the ‘norm’.  Being referred to as abnormal most my days has now been given the label to fit, but life has already delivered many detrimental blows with many knock on effects my entire life, whether intentional or not.

This has led me to a new path, where the therapy I will undertake can help gain insights into what damage needs repaired, in relation to my mental health in order to gather more resources, to answer the question whether I am on the spectrum more accurately?  I have created the blog/website for those who can relate, who may find my words of use, but my primary goal was for those who can help, to have and be able to, gain access and insights to my words, without any systems or procedures getting breached or causing miscommunication, in a more timely and effective manner, which I believed was achieved to some extent, so what next?

I don’t agree with everything I or others have done before, but it’s through others and our own mistakes we learn. The problem wasn’t solely people, or systems, it was fitting in to somewhere so contradictory and insensible, a society that disables itself repeatedly. I do question whether it is possible for humanity to reach equilibrium, as I do not believe we are naturally supposed to live the way we are, but it is how you create an orderly society in which we all can live.

There are many whose stories or voices can’t or won’t be heard, for a vast and varied amount of reasons. This group is a place to share your stories, experiences and insights in an individual way, where the labels are just guidelines to allow for deeper understanding and insight, not set in stone. There are approximately 7.5 billion people in the world, so any label or categories you are placed are generalised not individualised. How many people in the world have the same diagnosis, neurological or Psychological disability/disorder, personality or whatever else, as you do? I’m interested in the difference between them, to find and understand the Individual, behind the label.

This Facebook group is a new project stemmed from the website  for those relevant to hear or read, mine and others voices. I hope to open a communication platform of sorts, for whoever finds it of use, or the words relatable, who have difficulties at times with their psychological and neurological disorders. A virtual community where labels and words are just guidelines and insights for a deeper understanding. As I learn, my blog, group and page will grow with me, any suggestions, feedback, insight or thoughts please comment. I hope you enjoy or find use out of my words, as I will from yours and the peoples I hear or see past, present and future.

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New insights and understandings in my journey through, psychological and neurological disorders 

When I first initially started writing and sketching out ideas I never new what the true purpose or intent was, just that it was helping me. How time has changed that, my compass constantly shifting seeking out its destination, has now turned into my own website/blog/group/page, a communication platform I was once told, wasn’t possible at the time.

I have always gave the impression I rebel against the label, or so myself and others have been led to believe, which is not entirely true. I just want more of an accurate or closer fitting one, given as wide a scope of the situation as possible for all parties involved or relevant to this exchange of information. 

This has led me down a very long complicated path, which more recently, seems to have been more focused and orientated around Autism, which has to change to widen my scope that may have become, too narrowed.  I know I am diagnosed ADHD so I need more understandings there, also my mental health is damaged through years of neglect and abuse, intentional or not.

Today (30th July 2018) I had an insightfully enlightening appointment for the second time with a very uniquely observant woman (a speech and language therapist I believe), who gave me hope and understanding in a time where I was struggling to find some.  Many a time I wonder why I pursue this crazy journey with so many closed and out of reach doors. I felt, and still do at times, like giving up time and time again on many a thing, during this journey with mental health and simply put, myself. I was kindly reminded the reason why I don’t give up, and glad to see someone else hasn’t given up on me either.

The Bermuda Triangle that I refer to at times, has now pinpointed and shaped a new angle….. the starting point me, pinballing between my neurological disorder and fixing, my mental health.

I have been in a constant battle trying to figure out autism, because it was the one that made the least sense to me at the time but at the same time like reading an autobiography.  I used to have a stigma view into the most complexity dynamic label of ASD. Professionals and others kept repeatedly mentioning it in different contexts.  Whether or not I have ASD/Asperger’s still hasn’t been answered and can’t be presently due to the state of my mental health, or so it would appear but yet I can be diagnosed ADHD. If what I am reading is correct you have to fit 5 of the criteria for ADHD, been present in childhood and impacting day to day living in adulthood (in a nutshell)

Something a few professionals seem to have concluded and agree upon, is whether I have ADHD which is what I am currently labelled at 30-years-old.  My attention and focus has been less sharp of late as I’ve been stuck in self-destructive tendencies, increasingly getting worse due to catastrophic ways of thinking, which I’ve done for as long as I can remember.  When I take meds for ADHD I seem to get stuck so to speak and can actually have more difficulty focusing, becoming more spacey.  It enables in some ways, whilst disabling in others.

I need to at least research and look into ADHD further in more depth and scope to see where I do, and do not fit statistically, immeasurably relevantly and  individually, in today’s, yesterday’s and tomorrows understandings and findings.

Until I repair some of the damage done, with the aid of others through time and therapy, the question in relation to Autism will be far to difficult to answer, due to far to many overlaps and similarities.  For many a reason I question if it is even possible to separate between ASD and ADHD, when it comes to myself and many others as I have been discovering?  I do believe however over time, whilst the experiences and traumas impacting my mental health are dealt with, I will have a clearer answer to that question.  Another thought is am I wasting my time, when the NHS system is so fractured and demandingly frustrating for myself and many others.

I find this an ironic frustrating cycle, until my disabilities are managed, I can’t work amongst others so am forever hiding behind my studies, therefore I cant afford private health care, so have to hope my mental health doesn’t deteriorate quicker than, the professionals time frames assigned, to myself. All over my medical records it is plain and clear to see how may months back dated the Community mental health team dealing with myself are.

What is even more obvious is how much the departments do not communicate and when they do, how tangled and confusingly misleading the information could be, and often is. What hope do I have when the staff are so overworked doing to many jobs they never signed up to do, (affecting their mental health and well-being) who by their own words admit the system doesn’t work.  Things have to change because I don’t want history repeating itself for my children, and if they do need help, they at least can have access to it in a less damaging and defragmenting way..

My daughter had a more challenging year, really obvious nearing the end of P5.  I met with her teacher to come up with a plan of action to get her resettled because, at this point she was requesting to have her table and chair moved out of the classroom, attitude and outlook on life was daunting to say the least.  Her reasons for doing this as she said ‘I will be able to concentrate on my work’.  My daughter is bright above her years in some subjects, extremely emotional but has difficulty with expressing and controlling the feelings.  She explained that her head and tummy became upsetting and sore whenever she put pen to paper, making her ill from the anxiety it is causing her.  Her solution as I said was to remove herself from the classroom.

After a couple of exchanges with her teacher, she looked into my daughter through two years of experiences, insights and understandings after teaching her for two years.  She was compared to the current criteria for both ASD and ADHD and she met them for both. Her intellectually insightful teacher even went for a second opinion as was shocked herself as not so obvious unless looked at more acutely.  Backing the argument girls tend to suffer in silence, their behaviours not necessarily replicating the common ‘norms’ criteria for certain disabilities.

When discussed with the doctor, or any other professional nothing has ever been done or looked into, the care very poor unfortunately, for whatever reason.  I have told this story because I believe it is relevant here in regards to myself, the opinions, insights, understandings of others and my current research.  Something flagging up consistently is the fact girls are severely skewed for the diagnosis of both Autism, and attention deficiency hyperactive disorder.  I plan to look up the criteria for ADHD and ASD, writing and documenting where I’m aware I fit and where I don’t, because I do not believe ADHD covers enough of my symptoms compared with ASD, given current knowledge and understanding

I once had the distorted view I had to prove I wasn’t abnormal and could fit societies version of the ‘norm’ just like everybody else, still do at times but I think the poker face has slipped there.  I’m beginning to see where life events, uneducated, the energy and resources used to play the chameleon had.  My clinical psychiatrist once said to me with such honesty and sincerity in her eyes and voice once, ‘I believe you struggle a lot more than we think’……..

I remember thinking if only you knew, or I even knew how to begin expressing or voicing.  At least in my head I can delude myself slightly but not once the words have been spoken aloud, that seems to change my perceptions

The cost for playing the chameleon intentionally or not, has been substantial to my mindset, personal development, confidence and self esteem.  More often than not it takes more of a personal resource trying to communicate at times, that suffering in silence is the best option, or leaving people to there assumptions and implications on matters.  I once was asked what the best option is, being a statue hiding my emotions lurking beneath the surface almost unreadable , or being an open book for the world to see, and I’m yet to decide which is the best option, time will tell. It is said women with ADHD tend to suffer in silence, developing strategies to try and hide there deficiencies and more often than not, the strategies make you feel ashamed and have low self esteem.

I never questioned or understood the diagnosis of ADHD fully, most research is on males and irrelevant at the time to my circumstances, or so I thought, given my understandings and abilities.  Over time I have learnt and seen many a different perceptions, events and personalities that have broadened how I once used to perceive certain labels or words. Now that I have more of an understanding, I think it is time to delve into, ADHD which is another controversial and debatable subject.

I want to see what others have discovered, and figure out where I fit amongst the words written, and where I do not.  I’m hoping that with the trio combination of what I have learnt through life, neurology and psychology so far, then writing my findings and what I learn in the future, presently on women diagnosed or suspected to have ADHD, it will allow me to understand what others are relating to, when referring to myself

From what I have been reading so far its a minority diagnosis amongst females, because most of the diagnosis’s of ASD and ADHD are given to males in the past, but I believe that is beginning to change.  There are many a theory and opinion on why these changes are coming to light, in today’s societies, but words repeated and recited a lot seem to focus on the fact,

The majority of studies were done on males in the past, but now more research, that has been done into women under the same and different light, both in psychology and neurology, are changing our once black, white and grey outlooks on life in every way to some extent or another.

ADHD and ADD are believed not to be gender biased as more research comes to the surface, now more female research has been undertaken, a spanner thrown into the works so to speak.  The stereotype once was that an ADHD diagnosis was given to hyper little boys, extended further to stigmas that the parents couldn’t control or discipline, the fault being theirs.  Nowadays it is almost as often seen in females, as it is for males but the way individuals present these symptoms, react, behave or think can be different, depending on past experiences and understandings

What I can relate to with my findings so far in ADHD is having difficulty shutting out noises and distraction, that don’t appear to bother others.  I pick up noises and smells that can be infuriatingly irritable which can be a trigger, depending how intuitive my mindset is or my way of thinking.  Some days I’m able to tune out or be distracted, other times it appears the harder I try the more it seems to affect, eventually causing me to revert into myself or spontaneously combust spurting out word vomit, as I lose control over what my outward emotions portray.

An example would be the noise made when someone eats with their mouth open, similar to when you mix a saucy bowl of pasta…..  There are certain pitches and noises that make my skin crawl, triggering and making me appear aggressive and giving off ample amounts of negative energy as I fail to hide my displeasure or how uncomfortable I am.  Usually if I can’t find away, I walk far away as possible or remove myself from the situation as best and as much as possible

As many can probably relate, time, money and everything in-between really seems to dominate my life, interfering and influencing my abilities to achieve my goals. Something I’m looking into is the difference between a melt down and a shut down. A question in a test for ADHD referred to the feeling of shutting down and that requests for just one more thing, can send you over the edge.  I seem to cope by always looking for things, researching, avoiding, looking back and catching up, or covering up the fact I’ve shut down in the first place.  This can have me avoiding people, life, internal and external influences becoming either a couch potato or  a tornado.

I don’t feel like my ideas are always better maybe once upon a time in my younger years possibly, I prefer the best most effective solution regardless of who has came up with it.

I’m actually good at organising and structuring tasks, but I can really struggle juggling it with my personal relationships and incorporating it into my daily life, self esteem and confidence play a big part there. I do go to bed with the intentions of being organised and motivated, but more often than not the next day arrives, ending in the ground hog feeling of deflation. I sometimes wonder if it’s possible to fulfil my potential  or meet my goals, more often than not because I have no control over the outcomes, I am reliant on people and their timescales, systems or procedures.  If this is referred to as despair…… I most definitely can relate.

I often feel as if I’m an imposter in my own body (internal prison), a shadow of my former self just trying to pass as normal.  As time passes though I become more and more fed-up, I’ve became sick and tired of the constant looping cycle that’s so self-destructive.  I’m forever just trying to cope to get through the day, trying and failing to stay organised, in control of my emotions as I struggle to communicate my feelings. There never seems to be time for relaxation, even when I try my efforts seem pointless.  I know there is help available out there that could substantially speed up my process, I still can not gain access to them though, in an efficiently and effective worth while way, because they are out of my control or not seen as needed under my current label.

Welcome to the, Natural Empathiser

The reason I have chosen this name is symbolically significant to me at this moment in time, and as you read further I will have hopefully explained the reason why.

To begin with, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my words. Every word has so much shape, dimension and meaning depending on perception, but to me the word natural is existing, a truth so to speak stripped back to its originality.

A natural driving force coincided with empathy.  This can make for an interesting, possibly contradicting pairing in a sense, especially when I am relating it to myself where I now accept I am capable of being a sympathiser and an empathiser. (empathy versus sympathy)

I 30-year-old old female, in a long-term relationship, and a mother to a pre-school boy and tween girl.  I have had a very dramatically invigorating traumatic life due to a neurological disorder I never knew I had till a year ago,

This has created varying psychological disorders over the course of my life to date.  I am currently diagnosed ADHD and have been told on numerous occasions I have personality disorder traits.

When one’s mental health and wellbeing are skewed, it seems like common sense to have an issue with your personality.

I’m newly diagnosed as an adult and untreated for nearly 30 years, and I don’t mean medicated.  This has created many a psychological disorder over the years creating lots of confusion about whether or not I am Autistic.

I’m hoping through time, research and help from those able, one day I will get a definitive answer to whether I am only ADHD, Autistic or both.  Firstly though therapy will show what damage needs to be repaired in relation to my mental health.

Firstly more resources need to be gathered to answer the question of whether or not I am on the spectrum more acutely?  I have created this website for those who can relate who may find my words of use.

The primary goal is for those who can help to gain access to my words, without any systems or procedures getting breached or causing miscommunication, in a more timely and effective manner.

I named my website natural empathiser because I believe I am one.  To be truly empathetic you need to be able to put yourself in someone else’s position, even if it is uncomfortable at times, ignorance is a choice that is disabling.

Empathy means having the ability to share and feel the emotions of others

All my day’s people, society, and systems have told me in many a varied way, that I am different and don’t fit the ‘norm’.  Being referred to as abnormal most my days has now been given the label to fit, but life has already delivered many detrimental blows with many knock-on effects my entire life whether intentional or not.

This has led to many unfortunate and fortunate, circumstances and consequences, causing me to retreat and become self-destructive and disabling at times. (I’m only human after all)

From current research and words from my clinical psychiatrist, stemmed the research into an ongoing debate on whether females can be on the autistic spectrum.

Things are placed into categories and generalised or more specialising label, but this does not mean it is a truly accurate, word for word or stereotypical reflection of the individual, with a diagnosis of any kind.

ASD (Autism) is just a guideline label for those meeting current criteria, to explain those with a certain type of neurological disorder, who may require the extra aid through individuals willing to help, by gaining a broader understanding.  I’m currently a victim in one sense to this notion, a minority.

I’m diagnosed ADHD, but I flag up for many an autistic trait, whilst being dormant in others which is confusing. I have written articles relating to this in the category, My feministic journey into the spectrum)

Unfortunately, I can not gain access to the help required to aid me back into society because these services and people are not accessible so easily, or have the time frames to dedicate.

I am also led to believe that these services I require, aren’t available to those like myself, diagnosed ADHD, even though they are greatly required.

Through this on-going (self-discovery of sorts) journey that I am undertaking at the moment, I have decided to manipulate and question the deeper meaning to literal words, categories, and labels that have been causing me a lot of confusion such as, the difference between sympathy and empathy.

My understanding of these two words presently leads me to believe primarily, I am empathetic and that being sympathetic is secondary, unnatural to me.  Stereotypes, stigmas, and questions will all be looked into and researched taking into consideration my own and others experiences.

These words are just generally summarised, interchangeable with experiences and knowledge gathered over time, and based on my current understandings of them whether accurate or not, at the moment of writing this.

To truly understand you would have to delve deeper, accept the invitation to walk with me for a moment into so many contradicting, confusingly frustrating answers, questions and revelations.

Maybe together mysteries or already answered puzzles can be solved or connected. (Human Rubik cubes)

This leads me on to puzzles and tests, are they not just peculiar statistically fascinating patterns, with so many possibilities at times, some easily solvable, others not quite as simple.

Some tests I take highlight autistic traits whilst other tests showcase traits that do not exist?

Is it because of the way the question is so broad but narrowly asked, I wonder?

Could it be orientated at the wrong or generalised sex?

Do all parties involved understand the intent and meaning?

As I learn I evolve therefore should this not be reflective in the tests I do?. (awareness versus ignorance)

Is that a personality disorder? (BPD) I have been led to believe it is in some perceptions.  Especially when I do not appear to have the ability to express it so comfortably or meticulously filtered.

Common sense would suggest personality issues come hand in hand with mental health issues. If it is creating disorder within your natural order then, to some extent or another it is a disorder, is it not?

We are all a subject of mental health and can become a victim or survivor of it.  The difference being, is it a clinical issue or not? My search for answers led me to here, to my own personal blog.

The hope being that through this form of communication, I can open opportunities for light to be cast in my shadows, hopefully opening doors for myself and others that were once firmly sealed shut.

My focus is life in all its natural shapes and forms, but people may that be grouped, individuals and more acutely myself are my true focus because they are my biggest puzzle.

I write because it is therapeutic, but I created this website for broader understanding and deeper insight into my lifelong search that all humanity can relate to on one level or another.  This is having the correct skills, methods, and techniques for balancing my scales to achieve equilibrium, in one sense or another.

Maybe you might find comfort, answers or simply be empathetic to the articles contained on this website, whatever the reason I hope my words have been of some use, especially to those they are targeted at.

Looking at it in the metaphorical sense, is life not ‘like riding a bike’, once shown you never forget how to (or so they say).

The tricky part is after a long time of not using or doing it, do you still have the ability to access the knowledge to use it, or do you need a refresher course?

I am beginning to believe that once anything is registered by any of one’s senses, it is stored in your subconscious, just depends if you have allowed yourself the ability to access it, at this moment in time or possibly some point in the future.

My writings will be varied, updated and contributed to on a regular basis as possible, as writing and reading are the best therapy tools I have. As I learn, this blog will grow with me, any suggestions, feedback, insight or thoughts please comment.

I hope you enjoy or find use out of my words, as I will from yours and the peoples I hear or see past, present and future.  Those who are currently helping and reading my articles have made the purpose and goal of this website achieved and I thank you for that.

Now what happens next is yet to be seen, all articles are categorised in the menu, this will grow and change as the website develops

Kind regards
Natural empathiser