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I have created this page for articles and other peoples words, that I find linkable or relevant, to the natural empathiser.

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  1. Self-care is a human regulatory function that depends solely on the solitary abilities of the individual to deliberately control and self-initiate care to themselves where necessary.    Self-care is an area I need to learn how to incorporate into my day to day living, not to sure how to go about putting myself first especially not for personal gain but I do see why it is necessary. I came across an article split into 6 different categories that seemed a useful resource done by Dr. Perry titled Self-care share


  1. This is an article posted from ‘The Scottish Sun’ on what experts say your doodle’s say about your personality, found it interesting.  I like to think in a triangular sense which represents that you will let nothing stand in your way, driven, goal-orientated, powerful and ambitious 🙂 From smiley faces to flowers here’s what your doodles reveal about personality — The Scottish Sun

Empathy vs Sympathy

  1. I recently had a burnout moment when it came to the words empathy and sympathy, tangling and looking at the words from many a perspective, bringing to life the natural empathiser.  I stumbled upon this piece of writing on 19/08/2018 published back in February. (now have to look into what a HPS is though) HSP, Empathy and Empaths: What does it all mean? — Head Full of Spaghetti
  2. This has my creative juices flowing when reading this, found it truly mythically fascinating.  In the last couple of years since being introduced to sci-fi, mythology or fantasia type books and movies, I have loved reading this kind of style.The Heyoka Emapth — The soul, the Spirit & the Self