My Journey through Mental health

Feature photo by Pixabay

Every day is a school day and it is impossible to remember all that we learn, see, feel, touch or hear without truly reflecting, but even then we have limited access.  This collection is what I have discovered during the summer of 2018 on my individualised journey through Mental health.  There have been many long-awaited answers, raising more questions to truly understand and relate.

Lots and lots of questions, tangles, and answers that are starting to be connected together, allowing evolutionary insights into the bigger picture, now there are more pieces and people connecting the dots, and I am learning how to communicate in a more effective and less taxing way, shedding my skin and continuing the never-ending process with many an input and output of personal growth.

Table of Contents

woman holding gray crochet bowl with seven painted eggs
Taking care of yourself whilst taking care of others – Photo by Daria Shevtsova on
beige analog gauge
Heard of a midlife crisis but a quarter-life crisis, what is that? – Photo by Ylanite Koppens on
active ash cloud ashes blaze
Catastrophising; worst case scenario at an extreme – Photo by Pixabay on
person holding string lights photo
New insights and understandings in my journey through, psychological and neurological disorders – Photo by David Cassolato on
person with body painting
Investigating personality; An INTJ, diagnosed ADHD females personality traits, explored– Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on
close up of girl covering face
A trio for self-destruction; self-hatred, anxiety, and depression – Photo by Pixabay on
A little insight into one’s mental health and wellbeing photo from personal collection

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