My Feministic journey, into the spectrum

I have had many a reason for my psychological health to have been impacted throughout my life-course to date. When I wrote these words, I was fighting the black hole abyss following a cookie trail searching for answers to spiralling out of control questions, confusing and tangling.

I was going to remove them but they are part of this journey, as I tell my story, putting words to what is usually silenced for only my internal ear, I now share with others who want to hear or see, pushing myself out of my comfort levels that had become severely skewed.

I’m diagnosed ADHD but the most frequently questionable and associated labels, some unanswerable or questions without answers yet, that I’ve heard and seen repeatedly and patternlike through this almost 3 year journey with my current mental health team, when relating or referring to me are,….

Mood disorder traits, personality disorder traits, ADHD and Autism (very broad labels becoming more narrowed down and acutely individually and widely understood as time passes)

Table of Contents

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The Ritvo Autism Asperger Diagnostic Scale-Revised; comparing and explaining results in an attempt to understand – Photo by Pixabay on
My personal RAAD results done by yours truly, for insight


Why do women on the spectrum, fall short on some diagnostic tests?


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What are some of the sex differences influencing diagnosis for Autism?
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What is the difference between mental health and Autism