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A place to tell the story of my present, as I continue on my journey of self-discovery.   written in my own words, style, experiences, observations and opinions, which is the meaning behind blogging, and the true purpose. As this is a new project, it will be numbered and linked in the table of contents, in the order from their most recent published date, to the start of this story at the bottom, making a blog a unique way to tell one’s story.

Categorised as My blog, the words of Lilly falls……. Beautifully unfinished.

Table of Contents

board game business challenge chess
self-managing my time – Photo by Pixabay on
aerial photo of amazon river
Sympathy and empathy created the literal word empathiser – Photo by Johannes Plenio on
multicolored broken mirror decor
Monday 16th October 2018 – Pondering life and one of the pieces that is empathy – Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on
white and beige medicine
Sunday 30th September 2018; Antipsychotics and psychology – Photo by Pixabay on
balance business cobblestone conceptual
 Friday 27th Septemeber 2018; Time to begin looking into how one goes about taking self-care? – Photo by Pixabay on
silhouette of person holding glass mason jar
Sunday 23rd September 2018; taking the lid off words to my action man, long overdue – Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on
assorted silver colored pocket watch lot selective focus photo
Wednesday 19th September 2018; At the end of the day we all like to feel somewhere we belong – Photo by Giallo on
adorable baby baby feet beautiful
Saturday 15th September 2018; The little things adding up – Photo by Pixabay on
worms eye view of spiral stained glass decors through the roof
Tuesday 11th September 2018; Esteem and confidence, looking at the brighter side of life – Photo by Pixabay on
art artistic celebration collage
Saturday 8th September 2018; What do you do when no one knows what is wrong with you, 3 years later???? -Photo by Nadxiee Lii on
portrait of a young woman in forest
Saturday 1st September 2018; Splitting hairs between emotions and feelings – Photo by Pixabay on
abstract alphabet arrangement away
Saturday 25th August 2018; stripping my language back to basics – Photo by Pixabay on
ancient architecture blue building
Thursday 23rd August 2018, never forget the old discovering the new – Photo by Pixabay on
aerial photo of amazon river
Sunday 19th August 2018; looking into empathy and sympathy created the literal word empathiser – Photo by Johannes Plenio on
macro shot of red and yellow flower
Thursday 16th August 2018; Evolution reaching a pinnacle moment – Photo by Pixabay on
clouds daylight forest grass
Wednesday 15th August 2018, the birth of Lilly Fall – Photo by Pixabay on
autumn autumn leaves blur close up
The story of My BLOGs creation…… The words of Lilly Falls…….. Beautifully unfinished – Photo by Vali S. on


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