Mirror-Mirror, Show me my true reflection

I am a natural, inquisitively empathetic reflector, which is what this collection of writings in the summer of 2018, were written and gathered to reflect.

The natural empathiser is the closest and best way for me to communicate, help understand myself and others whilst healing myself because writing is my therapy, my foundation, and passion for words and people, my true and honest fascinatingly infuriating obsessions.

My mind works fast and has a quirky way for working things out, which is not the normal way a person mind is usually wired, which I am now becoming more accepting and able to understand, no more running away from myself.

Feature photo by Johannes Plenio at www.pexels.com

Table of Contents

wall picture photo portrait
Looking into the word individual – Photo by Tookapic on Pexels.com
To be a rebel, is one who doesn’t fit societies mould of ‘normal’– photo from personal collection
'april 2016'
A personal SOS call, to save ones soul – photo from my personal collection, taken from one of my journals symbolically titled ‘my bible’ Spring 2016
Reflecting on life through the spectrum that is, natures floating mountains – photo from persona collection
soldier and black dog cuddling
Tuesday 3rd July 2018: When you put your trust in someone or something, in an intimate way – Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com