August 2018 entries

Source of Writing – feature image by Rakicevic Nenad 

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abstract alphabet arrangement away
Saturday 25th August 2018; stripping my language back to basics – Photo by Pixabay on
ancient architecture blue building
Thursday 23rd August 2018, never forget the old discovering the new – Photo by Pixabay on
aerial photo of amazon river
Sunday 19th August 2018; looking into empathy and sympathy created the literal word empathiser – Photo by Johannes Plenio on
macro shot of red and yellow flower
Thursday 16th August 2018, evolution reaching a pinnacle moment – Photo by Pixabay on
autumn autumn leaves blur close up
The words of Lilly falls Beautifully unfinished – Photo by Vali S. on
clouds daylight forest grass
Wednesday 15th August 2018, the birth of Lilly Fall – Photo by Pixabay on