Sunday 30th September 2018; Antipsychotics and psychology

My experiences with antipsychotics are mixed and I know others who have not experienced the side effects I did with Quetiapine or require as large a dose I did, this was during a really traumatic time. Unfortunately, the side effect was restlessness to an extreme, the feeling and need to detach yourself from your legs or saw them off.

When we got this feeling to a manageable one with other medications a 600mg dose a day to function was achievable with Quetiapine 2 years ago, not required now though this was during a traumatic time where it felt like my mind was being fed rocket fuel.

It is worth noting a 25mg dose of Quetiapine gave me this side-effect as soon as the drug began working in my system. The improvements made me just learn to cope with this feeling which created its own problems

I’m currently taking a 1.5mg dose of Haloperidol twice a day which has not given me the side effect I had with quetiapine to the same level, but many of the benefits. It has created restlessness and anxiety which I have the two pills to counteract that with which I will start on Monday but it is reducing the speed of my conscious thoughts, I’m diagnosed ADHD

The primary use for antipsychotics is to treat psychosis more commonly found in conditions such as schizophrenia or bipolar but these are not my conditions.

Psychosis is where a person loses contact with their own environment or external reality ranging from disorderly thoughts to hallucinations. Psychoanalysis is about investigating the unconscious elements of the mind, rather than what is at the forefront in your conscious mind that could be part of the problem.

Psychosomatic is where your condition is made worse by mental factors such as stress, anxiety or depression. Psychotherapy is about treating the mental disorder or disorders through psychological means rather than medical.

Unfortunately, I am making a habit of repeating myself here but the whole point in my need to see a psychologist literates and revolves around those two small paragraphs in the words written above but because I cannot produce a timeline for whatever reason she has no intention of meeting me???

I have to remember not to ‘shoot the messenger’ who happens to be my community psychiatric nurse.

The professionals are the only ones that have access to the resources I need, the only ones that are accessible to me to teach me what I missed or haven’t learnt. I am a keen learner and not a fan of walls, I have a habit of finding a way through it one way or another if it is an unnecessary distractingly avoidant obstacle creating problems

I was tired of the communication problems so went about finding an alternative route in order to rectify that but it didn’t work in the way I had hoped. I was told to write a diary years ago which I did but It was looked at once for all of 30-60 seconds before an opinion was expressed

‘it’s as tangled as my present’…… actually, it wasn’t you just looked through a very narrowed scope or far too wide.

Setting up this blog primarily was so they could have access to my words which was almost pointless, a speech and language therapist used it and seen straight away I needed the psychologist and I think she was under the impression she had managed to source that for me.

The reason it is not pointless is that it has helped me and many others which I intend to take steps further to make it more effectively relevant.

As I become more comfortable about telling my story, I will focus on adding in the details instead of brushing over the surface, but generalising my writing was how I got my feet wet, now I’m almost ready to dive right in.

Maybe it’s about time I took my own lid off and show what is inside, you only live once as they say, show my individual

So we have psychotherapist whose job it is to try and rehabilitate in a sense, a human being, equipping them with skills and knowledge to repair, teach or manage their mental disorders where able.

This is done in an attempt to lessen dependency on medical care which is on the agenda for me supposedly but I’ve been hearing the words the last couple years or so but yet…. nothing,

I wonder how many other people have this problem with getting access to the therapist, professionals or any other of the services available but inaccessible to yourself, even when you meet the criteria.

How many only have the pills to learn how to manage which is a problem in its self and if so, why?

Is this an issue only with the National health service in my area or the whole of Britain?

Everything I am reading, hearing and experiencing answers most of those questions but I suppose I don’t like the answer 

I honestly believe she can help one day, this clinical psychologist if she actually becomes part of my reality instead of someone forever just out of reach with one hoop after another.

I cannot get my head around it and it is eliciting feelings that are only negative where once upon a time I would have suppressed them, but I’m tired of this cycle it does me no favours just makes it easier for the other not to feel overly obligated or obliged, but I have learnt a lot when I changed my focus in Spring to me after another brick wall.

I see a person maybe once a month improved to once a fortnight recently who has no idea what to do with me and that makes me wonder about the working relations of the team I am told can and will support me by a speech and language therapist.

Then on the other hand by someone else I am told if it becomes too challenging or they feel there is nothing more they can do, they can discharge me, that’s the impression I have taken regardless and I am fed up with it.

So I am reliant on two General Practitioners who are actually doing something that makes a difference. Yes I was, have previously and presently been prescribed antipsychotics which is another story in itself I intend to delve into the experience in more detail, I’ve only brushed over it here

I am not a fan of medications for personal reason and the majority of the time I don’t require medication just methods and techniques.  One reason is that you have to learn how to manage the changes in your body and until you take the pill regardless of how much information you read, you have no idea how it is going to affect you.

Source of writing – feature photo by pixabay

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I enjoy writing and believe everyone has a story. I have hit a brick wall when searching for my own answers so, I have been looking at alternatives and becoming a blogger seems a good choice. No, we can't get answers to all our questions alone but, together the possibilities are endless

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