Looking into the word individual

When we are considering something as an individual we see it as having to do with one particular person.

Something separate that forms a unit by itself that is different or a form of distinction or boundary from others. A unit can be a single thing or group that is complete in itself but can also become something larger.

I began looking into the word individual when looking at self and was amazed by the number of words surrounding and linking to it.

A person is an individual human being usually the speaker, the one spoken to or a third party. To be human we have to be a man, women or child that we hope show the better qualities of people.

The being is the existence or the nature of the person, a living creature but when we use the word creature it’s not so commonly used to describe a person.

We do say ‘creature comforts’ when referring to a person which is things that make life comfortable.

To be independent is to be self-governing, which is free from the control or influence of others or not connected to another.

This can look or feel isolated where your removed or cut off from others and usually seen as lonely or single. To isolate we place something or someone apart from others and on their own.

I learnt two new words when looking into this one word and that was ‘isometric’ which is having equal dimensions.  I believe I have heard this word ‘idiosyncrasy’ but never understood the meaning that is simple, it is just a person’s particular way of thinking and behaving.

This could be unorthodox and different from what is usually traditionally accepted. It could be conventional which is based on or following what is generally done which is the opposite to individuality in a sense.

Being an individual for some can be a lonely place where you have no companions or the support of others. You may also prefer being a ‘lone wolf’ through choice, necessity or preference.

Solitary is done or existing alone which many do not like existing in seclusion or isolation, whereas others seek the solitude

An individual to me is your character which is the particular qualities that make a person or thing an ‘individual’ and different from others.

People often link it to their soul which is the spiritual element of a person or a person’s inner nature but the self is the essential being that distinguishes them from other people.

Some spend their whole life searching, shaping or making this there goal in life to find their individuality, some become lost, some are found and some are left still searching

We are all unique, one of a kind, and we can all be special which is to be better or different from what is usual, depending on the choices we make.

Some choose to stay In the shadows, invisible, some are out there plain as day letting the world see their colours, whatever fits the individual as long as it is not hurting anyone else intentionally.

We all like something that Is novel or exclusive, that is new in an interesting or unusual way that may or may not include other things. The problem or benefit depending on the circumstance is it becomes restricted to the person, group, or area covered.

We are all individuals that have to work as a unit…..

Source of writing www.naturalempathiser.com – feature photo by Tookapic 

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I enjoy writing and believe everyone has a story. I have hit a brick wall when searching for my own answers so, I have been looking at alternatives and becoming a blogger seems a good choice. No, we can't get answers to all our questions alone but, together the possibilities are endless

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