Time to begin looking into how one goes about taking self-care?

Time is one of the most fascinatingly infuriating things that I have come across in my life. The kryptonite that heals and destroys all sometimes simultaneously that I have studied how to manage, but never quite understood the practicality. A Refresher course is on the agenda

All I ever hear is I don’t have time?

How much time do I have?

Where did the time go?

I don’t know what to do with the time I have…….

Today I have decided to focus on where do we find the time to spend on ourselves and how best to use it? An article will follow in the next 24/48 hours after I finish researching, gathering and sorting through the relevance.

I could sit here and use this time to tell you tales of what it is like to be in relationships so volatilely self-destructive that a person is left with no other choice but to retreat.

Tales of what it is like to hug and drown in your own tears as you wish for more than nothing but the ground to swallow you whole. The feeling of homelessness, systems, rigidly forced care that people feel obligated to give but reject you all the same. Having dependents that rely on your mask that teach you how better to use it or require it less

Now is not the time for that, first I have to learn how to take better care of myself in every aspect humanly possible and accessibly achievable within my capabilities, self-heal so to speak.

That means the researcher in me needs to come out and find answers which is what I have been doing.

Unfortunately, I’m stuck in a rut but I am managing to use my way of thinking as a resource.

I’m forever being told I think different and I’m thankful for that, there are worse things.

I have walked in many shoes but found I didn’t quite like the fit, a lonely selfish path to walk therefore managed and created something I could walk in.

Instead of focusing on the trauma, I am going to focus on how one goes about repairing their foundations by themselves, in their present through self-care as unfortunately, a timeline stands in my way of getting access to a psychologist who could speed up the process.

I remember I saw a pleasant woman I have assumed was a psychologist 3 years ago. I had two appointments where my past was the core subject and I did not have to go through hoops just to meet her acquaintance.

Maybe it’s easier to think of helping someone at the beginning but I highly doubt it, she was a genuinely lovely woman but back then I didn’t understand her importance or the emotions that come hand in hand with seeing a psychologist. I did what I used to do best, I ran, hid, or avoided, whatever word fits.

As I say Goodbye but never forgetting the old and hello to the new I get closer to a feeling I never knew was possible anymore, or how yet to explain. When I look back there is so much painfully intense passionate emotions and love that suffocates me at times to the point I just beg for nothing. All the lies, truths and misunderstandings left forever a question that will never have an answer.

I have accepted this truth and now embrace that honesty full heartedly, so when I discuss my past I will detach because the alternative is depression that I have still to conquer. So maybe before tackling the big confusing stuff, start there.

I have personality disorder traits, mood disorder traits, PTSD traits, Autistic traits, I’m diagnosed ADHD and I know there are groups, therapy, things that can and should be done that my General Practitioner (GP) and community psychiatric nurse (CPN) are unable or able to do, but shouldn’t or should in order to change my way of thinking that is destructive.

I came across an article done by Dr. Perry titled Self-care share where it was split into 6 different categories, good for quick flash reading or a reminder. Self-care is an area I need to learn how to incorporate into my day to day living, not too sure how to go about putting myself first but I plan on learning.

Taking a little time out for yourself will have a positive impact on reducing your stress levels and helping patch up any self-esteem or self-confidence issues that may have arisen.

In turn, this will be reflective in the people and the stuff you do in your day to day living, impacting and influencing others creating a chain reaction, reversing the influence negatively to positively by beginning to think in your right mind.

How one goes about doing this can take many a different form consisting of emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, practically, and socially taking care of ourselves which I will delve into in my article I plan on constructing

Taking a little time out for yourself will have a positive impact on reducing your stress levels and helping patch up any self-esteem or self-confidence issues that may have arisen.

It is easy to become caught up in the chaos of life may it be raising a family, caring for someone, holding down a career or all of them or something else entirely.

When we talk about ‘self’ we are talking about our individualism, our essential being that distinguishes by singularly separating ourselves from others.   Care is about paying particular attention or effort that is taken to avoid damage, risk or error.

It is down to the individual how one goes about taking care of themselves and others and how they can go about doing this

Life is an on-going obstacle course so intensely predictably unpredictable the biggest challenge is managing it. So many challenges that we come across that we can’t go over, under or around and every instinct is screaming on top of our lungs not to go through it, just hide or avoid but sometimes that is the only option.

Recuperating from these moments in life on an emotional level means recognising the strong feelings for what they are, joy, anger or grief the range is as big or as little as the individual and dealing with them instinctively when they arise, which is a skill I need to be able to be taught either by myself or another and I’m not the only one.

I am depressed at this moment in time doesn’t take a degree to work that one out and I am no stranger to it.  All that has changed is what I’ve just learnt these past few years, that depression is the correct label and it is not just an excuse for someone avoiding getting a grip of themselves.

Any word can be derogatory which is just critical or disrespectful depending on how or the way it is used. This word depression used to elicit that response from me, because I was and am the word that aids personal growth, also it appears I used to favour ignorance over awareness to avoid becoming overwhelmed

I am used to the words me, myself and I before I was even a teenager, my education ended at 14 lucky I was intellectually above my years.  I managed some GCSE’s barely academically only restarting just before or when I was 25 on and off.

I claim to be a self-directed learner and have managed to take care of myself for the past 2 decades in some of the most peculiarly disturbing ways, I’m only 30. Never the less figuring out more effective self-care could only be beneficial 🙂

www.naturalempathiser.com for more reading, understanding, and depth – feature image by Lum3n.com

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