Heard of a midlife crisis but a quarter life crisis, what is that?

I remember when I first stumbled upon articles about a quarter-life crisis and decided to look more into it, now I have time to focus my thoughts.

I came across it in a time where Autism was becoming increasingly more repetitively spoken when some people were referencing myself and I had come out an INTJ on a test.

I wanted to know what research had been done into INTJ’s who were not thinking in their right mind alongside autism, looking for patterns as I do, similarities by comparing where it makes sense.

A quarter life crisis happens in life between the age ranges in your twenties to thirties.  This is usually brought on by the stresses of becoming an adult, causing negative thoughts that are apprehensively doubtful.

A time supposedly for opportunity and adventure amongst responsibilities, depending on the life choices you have, will, and, intend to make.

When you are young, 30 is still being young, there are no manuals on what it takes to raise 2 children, hold down a career or make one alongside a relationship, just experiences, and advice.  There is a lot of pressure on this age group when you start throwing in mortgages and dependants amongst many others.

When you are young with more vulnerability it’s quite easy to become insecure and depressed.  I have seen it referenced as the ‘pre-midlife blues‘ in an article headed ‘the quarter-life crisis: young, secure, and depressed’ and liked the sound of it.

The heavy burden of unemployment, debt, and relationships manifesting into characteristics of insecurity, disappointment, loneliness, and depression.  Life throws curve balls at us all the time impacting, influencing and testing our esteem and confidence to a breaking point.

Escaping the bubbled safety net youth once allowed, stepping out into the ‘real world’ can be problematic.  Actions have consequences even the minor ones where ignorance is no longer blissfully accepted, delivering many a shock to the system.

The quarter-life crisis seems to cluster around the 30’s from 25-35 years old and is something I could relate too.  Where your ideologies, beliefs, and morals are put to the test as concepts meet practicality, our bubbles burst by reality, morphing and shaping into something else.

What I have gathered from the research done is it has been based on observation or experience rather than theory or logic.  Changing from a form of speculation to a solid based angle based on data.

In this article accessible on the link provided above it talked about there being many who do not recognise the quarter-life crisis as being a real thing.

As someone who can relate to the research done i beg to differ but everyone is different and entitled to their own opinion.

Therefore the time frames are never individualistic just generalised, so I don’t go by that.  What I do go by is what I have seen written and documented about the quarter-life crisis that has happened to many an individual, therefore highlighting its importance and relevance.

There were four phases a feeling of entrapment where you want to leave but feel you can’t, this is followed by a personal growth phase where you sense change is possible coming off the loop.

The third is the rebuilding of your life with the fourth and final ‘denouement’, the phase where it all comes together cementing your values, belief, and achievements.  Simplistically summed up but quite accurately perceived in the way of narrowing down the stages of a quarter-life crisis.

I stumbled across these words when I was researching a quarter-life crisis written by a fellow blogger  ‘where you feel the need to grow up and become who you really are’.  Becoming anxious over the direction of your life can be cause for deeper reflection.

Looking at it this way allowed for me to see why it has been called pre-midlife blues because it allows it to become manageably manipulated and changeable, earlier.

When we hit low points in life we can become confused about our identity becoming misguided or knocked off course.  This causes a feeling of being lost and needing found where you can become anxious and panicked over anything and everything.

We all know how to play the wolf in sheep’s clothing and many will have probably heard the tale recited.  Adulthood is no breeze neither is life in general, we just have to face the music as they say, a point where you wonder what you are doing in your life

Source of writing www.naturalempathiser.com – feature photo by Ylanite Koppens

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I enjoy writing and believe everyone has a story. I have hit a brick wall when searching for my own answers so, I have been looking at alternatives and becoming a blogger seems a good choice. No, we can't get answers to all our questions alone but, together the possibilities are endless

4 thoughts on “Heard of a midlife crisis but a quarter life crisis, what is that?”

  1. I’ve had both of them. Very unpleasant to constantly dodge curve balls. Worse when the support network becomes non existent when you’ve put the effort in for others. I send a hug and I feel your pain.
    One thing for sure, my faith and prayer has made me stronger. I send warm hugs, kavita💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the kind words 🙂 sorry for the late response some how I missed the comment……. it is never pleasant and finding your coping mechanisms are never easy. Lack of support is a major problem for so many I never realised until I started reading other peoples words 🙂 kind regards


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