Tuesday 3rd July 2018: When you put your trust in someone or something, in an intimate way

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We all get the meanings to words wrong, express our tones unnecessarily, and say the wrong thing. I hear something that is preached continuously, but often ignored intentionally or not….

‘Don’t take everything you see, at face value’

I had to find out what an “intimate relationship” was when doing an autistic screening questionnaire. I never understood the true intent or intentions of the question as there is so many dimensions, and perspectives to the word intimate.

I now know I answered the question wrong, therefore giving inaccurate results unintentionally, as I had to answer something I did not understand due to the wording.

An intimate relationship is supposed to be a companionship of such, an attachment to many things or people. How this is usually interpreted when being asked that question varies depending on the individuals understanding or meaning to the words, sequenced together in the question.

Sometimes their asking in the wrong way, if you are having sexual intercourse or being sexually intimate, that is just some of the ways to begin stemming off from the word intimate, just a more politely avoidant way of asking.

Intimate relationship is often used when describing an interpersonal relationship, based strictly on the intimate relation of sex, no strings attached. Was going to say like friends with benefits, but that doesn’t seem to fit.  ‘Friends’ would be the string that has the benefits, but also is the word that means intimate

When looked at in this angle, you may or may not be, in a relationship with a sexual narcissist with a mis-perceived or pre-conceived conception between intimacy and sex, in a relationship.

Never thought of it in that sense until recently, but another interpretation is you might not be ready or want commitment so avoid the stress, of having to.  Although I do think the ASD test meant long lasting intimate relationships not based strictly on sex.  This is commonly a miss conceived perception to the word intimate.

Sex is not the be all and end all to how one feels or, is intimate within a relationship. In fact I strongly influence you pay heed to these words ‘you do not have sex with all your intimate relationships’. So easy to word or say things wrong when words can be interpreted far to versatile.

I believe it’s the actions outside that area that influence the intensity, and influence the intimacy people are able to achieve in all relationships.  I say this because the definition of intimacy is a familiarity or friendship and some synonyms linked to the word are closeness, rapport, attachment.

How you relate can depend on how narrow a scope you have boxed your way of thinking into, either through negligence, circumstance or choice.  Think of it this way, you can even have an intimate relationship with a subject or hobby such as fishing or football!!!?

By truly enjoying this version of life regardless of understanding, words, belief, cultural or anything really, we can then truly be free to be masters of our own mind. We are all products of nature, evolution, god’s children…… whatever words fit your individualism. We are all humanity at its finest, it is what we make it.

So, for me, giving up on humanity would be like, giving up on the people, I am, attached to and Love ‘unconditionally’ – to any variations and definition on the word love.

www.naturalempathiser.com for more reading, understanding and depth

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